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Are you tired of going to free ONE day, TWO day, or even THREE day Real Estate workshops? Taking up your whole weekend, only to be told at the end of the workshop, "Go to the back of the room and pay 10K+ to REALLY learn how to do Real Estate"? 

At RichUniversity, WE ARE TOO!!! 

Rich University stands for Real Estate Investment Capital Hub. We focus on doing things right. We teach you the multiple aspects of real estate; as well as, the different exit strategies. Our focus is on education, which will give you the knowledge to successfully find properties and make great deals. We are a results-based education platform that concentrates on strategy implementation. We literally walk you through each step of your deal. We specialize in showing our students how to buy distressed properties (single family, bank REO's, multi-family, and commercial). We teach you how to work with property sellers who are unable to sell the traditional route through a real estate agent. RICH U has a passion for raising neighborhood property values. We support local contractors and get rehabbed homes into the hands of buyers. We teach you how to build your POWER TEAM in every area you're doing Real Estate. 

Watch this video below to hear a message from the CEO. We truly believe this is where your Real Estate Journey will begin for some and for others this is where your Real Estate Investing will thrive!



Have a potiental real estate deal you want submit? Do you want us to coach you through your first investment property? Would you like to Joint Venture your first deal? Submit your potiental deals here.


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